1. General Rules
    Please be courteous to other club members/guests.
    Please check-in at the front desk by scanning your membership card. Make sure your membership is active. If not you need to pay drop-in fee.
  2. Court rules
    Play with clean and non-marking shoes only. To avoid any injury, we highly recommend badminton shoes. When other players are waiting, limit your play to one game using 21 rally point scoring OR 15 minutes for non-game playing.Please use our queuing system on peak nights/weekends.If you need a dedicated court for your group, please reserve court in advance. For rates, please visit novabadmintonacademy.com
  3. Queuing System
    Pick up your magnetic name label when you check-in. Place your label on the black board (at a column) corresponding to the court(s) you would like to wait for. Please wait for your turn. Before getting onto the court, position the playing arrow for that court in front of the first person in your group. When you are done with playing one game or 15 minutes non-game, please let the next group in the queue to play and move your magnetic name label to the bottom of the queue (same court or any other court). When you are done with playing, please drop-off magnetic label at the front desk.
  4. Children on courts
    We welcome and strongly encourage parents to bring their children to introduce them to badminton. Members have priority on courts. However, if there are any open courts, we welcome parents to play with their children. Currently, the best time for open courts is when we first open for that day and during Saturday afternoon. For safety of your children, please supervise them at all times. Also, talk to us about different programs for children
  5. Membership Refund
    Refund is at the discretion of NVBC and will be considered only for life changing events. The amount of refund will be prorated, and a fee of $50 will be accessed for each refund.
  6. Membership Transfer
    A fee of $25 will be accessed for each membership transfer.